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The Law does not expect a man to be prepared to

defend every act of his life which may be suddenly

and without notice alleged against him

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Angeléne Swart Attorneys is a well-respected Law Firm based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province.

The Founding Attorney of our Firm is Angeléne Swart who was admitted as an Attorney to the High Court of South Africa - former Transvaal Provincial Division - and subsequently as an Attorney and Conveyancer to the High Court of South Africa - Eastern Cape Division.

She is a married mother of two who appreciates the importance of family - and moral values.

Her commitment to our clients is to ensure that they receive the best value for the lowest fees by providing legal services in the most organised manner possible. 

When disputes arise our firm acts as both the sword and the shield, fighting for our clients’ rights, whilst protecting them against the wrongful actions from others. 

We always strive to be accessible and to engage our clients in the legal process so that they can have a good understanding and sense of control over their matter.

Whilst larger is fine, smarter is always better

“A Firm as Legal as they come”

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