… John Marshall

The Law does not expect a man to be prepared to

defend every act of his life which may be suddenly

and without notice alleged against him

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Civil Litigation

Bearing in mind that Litigation can be a costly solution which can ultimately outweigh our clients’ claim amount, our firm carefully considers more expeditious and cost effective solutions as alternatives on a case by case basis and advise our clients on the benefits and disadvantages of each.

When all attempts at negotiations or finding alternative methods of compensation have failed and Civil Litigation is the only and best course of action available, our firm will act as both the sword and the shield, fighting for our clients’ rights whilst protecting them against the wrongful actions from others.  We act on behalf of either the Applicant or Respondent (as they are known in Motion Proceedings), or on behalf of either the Plaintiff or Defendant (in Action proceedings).

Our Litigation Services include:

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