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Nonprofit Registrations

Our firm is proficient in assisting entities with registering as ‘Nonprofit Organisations’ (commonly referred to as NPO’s).

An NPO is defined, in terms of Section 1 of the Nonprofit Organisations Act, 1997 (Act No. 71 of 1997) as a Trust, Company or other Association of persons established for a public purpose and of which its income and property are not distributable to its members or office bearers except as reasonable compensation for services rendered. Typical examples include Churches, schools and welfare organisations.

If organisations do not already have a ‘Constitution’ in place – which is required by the Nonprofit Directorate and Receiver of Revenue - we can assist them with drafting a sound foundational manuscript meeting the terms of the Governing bodies.  We can also assist them with amending or adding to their Constitution, if they already have one in place, until it meets the legal requirements of the Governing bodies.

Organisations can also register as ‘Public Benefit Organisations (PBO)’ and qualify for Income Tax Exemption due to the nature of their work.  

It is no longer a requirement that an organisation registers in terms of the

NPO Act in order to qualify for PBO approval under the Income. However, if an

organisation commits an offence under the NPO Act, SARS may withdraw that

organisation’s PBO approval.

The main reason why organisations might consider registering as a Public Benefit Organisation, is that PBO’s are entitled to the following tax benefits:

To qualify for registration as a PBO, organisations must have as their primary objective, one or more of the following Public Benefit Activities listed in Part 1 of the Ninth Schedule to the Income Tax Act:

Our firm is skilled in assisting organisations, meeting the requirements, to register as Public Benefit Organisations and with applying for their Income Tax Exemption Status from the South African Revenue Services (‘SARS’)

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